Questions for Know-Your-Child Survey

Thank you for your interest in wanting to schedule a 60-minute Diagnostic Consult for you and your child with our Language Specialist.

Before we can schedule a Diagnostic Consult for you and your child, help us better understand your child’s learning needs by answering the questions below.

We have a unique method of learning English using formulas which has been proven to work for specific student profiles. Your answers will help us see if we’re a right fit for each other and allow our Language Specialist to personalise the Diagnostic Consult to show you and your child how he/ she can be supported to better English grades using our unique method and techniques.

Rest assured that your sharing is strictly confidential.

At the end of the Diagnostic Consult (whether or not we’re the right fit), you and your child will gain easy-to-apply tips and actionable steps to improve his/her next English grade!

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