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Score For SA2 & PSLE English With Formulas Developed By An Ex-MOE Head of Department (English)

It’s amazing that just a few years ago, your child was still struggling with the alphabet. But now in Primary 5 or 6, her vocabulary has to incorporate words like “affable”, “eccentric” and “incessant”… she needs to substantiate her answers with appropriate reasons… and she must understand situations that they will not experience for years to come, such as “driving recklessly”, “working arduously” and “being married blissfully”.

If your child is graduating to Primary 5 this year, you’ve probably heard about the steep increase in difficulty in the English subject. If you are an existing Primary 5 parent, your child would already have experienced that and more likely, her grades might have dropped.

The problem becomes even more serious when the only form of English training in schools (and learning centers) is simply mindless drilling of exam papers. Believe it or not, there are actually no textbooks available for your child to study the English Language in school. Standards vary drastically across schools and even teachers. There's no clear structure for students to study English, unlike the case for Maths or Science.

8 years ago, I became disillusioned with the way language is taught in schools and started exploring a more effective way to help students learn English. My experience as a MOE-certified Research Activist (RA) as well as an English teacher paid off.

After 2 years of intensive research, I developed a unique, revolutionary method to mastering English using formulas – which is not taught in any schools.

Just as how Science and Math can be learnt in a step-by-step way, students can master English more effectively and see quick improvement in their grades with the right formulas.

Here are some students I have helped:

“EduEdge Uses A Different Methodology To Teaching Students English Language… Unique But Very Effective...”

“Although I have enrolled in other tuition centres and private tutors before, I felt their way of teaching were not very suitable. Hence, it was often difficult to see any improvements. On the other hand, EduEdge uses a different methodology to teaching students English Language, using formulas… these methods were unique but very effective… After a year, I am really happy to see an improvement from C to A!”

Faith Ng

Grade Improvement from C6 to A2

“... Steadily Improved From My Initial Cs and Bs To Topping The Entire Cohort For My School Prelims And A Distinction !”

“Coming from a Chinese speaking family, I faced many problems in English after getting in Secondary School… I had been scoring Bs and Cs for my school examinations and I was clueless about how to improve my results… After joining EduEdge, I learnt many techniques to answer comprehension questions as well as how to approach situational and continuous writing effectively. These techniques were taught step-by-step and since there are formulas to summarise them, they were very easy to remember and apply… By religiously applying the techniques and strategies imparted by EduEdge, I steadily improved from my initial Cs and Bs to topping the entire cohort for my school prelims and eventually a Distinction!

Sim Yun Ying

Grade Improvement from C6 to A2

Revealing The Success Formula For English

It has been well documented that areas related to language processing are located in the brain’s left hemisphere. Ironically, English is traditionally taught as a “right-brain” subject where students rely on their ‘gut feel’ to determine if the answer “looks" or "sounds” right. The reality is that English can be learnt within a shorter time with the use of the left brain. Through extensive research, we have developed a system that activates both sides of your child’s brain to learn English step-by-step using formulas.

As highly experienced Language Specialists who have taught for more than a decade, we have developed deep insights into the MOE English Language Syllabus and simplify it into small digestible chunks for students. If you realise, the English Syllabus comprises 6 core skills (inner ring): Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. These core skills may be further divided into 32 sub-skills (the multi-coloured spokes).

By analysing top students’ thinking patterns and how they approach the different paper components of the English exam, we have eventually mapped out a specific formula for each of the 32 sub-skills. All students, including your child, can use and apply these formulas even if they are currently struggling with English right now. English finally becomes a very approachable subject for students to do well in exams!

Meet The Language Experts

Mr Edwin Edangelus Cheng is a teacher with more than 15 years experience. Formerly an MOE-appointed Subject Head (Curriculum Innovation) and HOD (English) in his school, he is now the Founder and Principal Master Specialist of EduEdge Learning Hub.

Mr Cheng has a rare but interesting teaching subject combination – that of English and Physics. He exudes the flair of language and at the same time, is very much at home with the layers and structures of a scientist. This combination has allowed him to develop a unique, scientific teaching methodology towards helping students learn English in a structured way.

Ms Rowena Yue has more than 11 years of teaching experience (since 2006), educating more than 1400+ local and international students to date.

While most tutors have degrees not linked directly to education, Ms Yue is a double-degree holder. She has a degree in Education from the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom and was also trained at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore. She is the Co-Founder and Master Specialist of EduEdge Learning Hub.

Ms. Yue uses teacher praise and affirmation and gives constructive feedback and encouragement. Her consistently higher-than-National-Average Distinction rates for her graduating classes are also a testament to her expertise and dedication.

Featured in Singapore Motherhood

Featured in the New Age Parents

Awarded Bachelor of Arts (Qualified Teaching Status) with Honours

Why Learn English Using Formulas?

Easy To Apply

A lack of know-how is the biggest culprit behind poor English grades. At their age, students need to be properly guided step-by-step in their thinking so that they know exactly what to do during the exams. Our formulas are often described as ‘bite-sized’ by the students themselves. Furthermore, it has been refined over the years to incorporate the use of many memory techniques that makes it easy for your child to remember and apply.

Mindful Practices

The endless drilling on assessment books just doesn't work anymore. What your child needs is a guide to thinking and approaching the increasingly difficult English questions set by schools and national exams. The Formula-Style method provides systematic steps in answering questions that have been proven to help them achieve a breakthrough in their English grades.

Develop A Love For Learning

Children learn very differently from adults. They have short attention span. We use a variety of techniques and resources which are backed up by education research. These include group writing, popular culture (songs and videos), current affairs and debates to make learning fun and interactive so as to hold your child’s attention.

What Do Parents Have To Say About The Formula-Style Method?

"Inez was particularly weak in answering comprehension questions. With EduEdge's 'Formula-Style' of teaching, it helped her a lot in this area. <After our consultation and EduEdge's help>, Inez's English result came as a surprise to me."

Mr The, Inez's father

"I was impressed when Christel was doing the assessment and Mr Cheng could actually pin-point the areas she could improve on. I thought this style (of learning English) is very systematic."

Clarice, Christel's mom

"The staff and principal at EduEdge are very dedicated and hardworking teachers and I can see the pupils they taught over the year have performed very well."

Mr Siow, Ex-MOE HOD, Rachel's grandfather

Don't take our word for it !!

Not sure if your child can apply our formulas? There's no need to second-guess. Come down for a 4-step Diagnostic Consultation (Free) with our accredited Language Specialist! Within 1 hour, our Specialist will diagnose your child's current ability and identify the particular formula that works for him or her.

Step 1

15-Minute Personalised Analysis: I will look at your child’s recent class test and exam paper to find out what mistakes your child is making

Step 2

10-Minute “On-The-Spot” Assessment: I will let your child attempt a diagnostic assessment specially created for the consultation to further pick out areas for improvement

Step 3

30-Minute “Real-Time” Feedback & Explanation: Based on the assessment result, I will "hand hold" and guide him or her step-by-step how to apply one or more of our tested and proven "formula-style" techniques

Step 4

Plus: I will also share many more Easy-to-Apply Tips and Actionable Steps so that your child has the KNOW-HOW to improve at least a 2-grade jump in their next English test or exam!

  • How can I encourage my child to read more often?
  • What are Cambridge Markers looking out for in my child's answers?
  • How can I help my child master English in the shortest period of time?

I'll give you the answers to all of these questions - and much more - during the Diagnostic Consultation.

This consultation is going to be an in-depth and highly customised session for you and your child. Parents and children who previously attended this consultation have found really great value and learned how to study English much more effectively. That even includes those who did not believe that one can learn English using formula at first.

If you are clueless about how your child can improve in English because your child's school teachers are too busy to attend to you during Parents-Teachers Meeting...

Or if your child is currently still struggling with English and stuck with poor grades despite attending tuition or working on countless practice papers...

Then you must schedule a Diagnostic Consultation right now to find out where your child's 'problematic areas' for improvement are.

You will discover the secret technique to mastering English using formulas so that your child can finally achieve better grades in English.

Hear from more of our students!

Sebastian and Qi Yu

Nursharmaine and Mummy

Teo Beth Ann and Mummy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this method proven ?

Is the method applicable for Primary and Secondary English ? 

Are your lessons designed according to MOE syllabus ?

What resources do you use to teach ?

Can my child apply this ?

Are your tuition fees expensive ?

How fast can I see results ?

Hear From Our Primary School Students And Parents

Now is the time

While your child can't improve English overnight, it is not uncommon to see a 2 to 3 grades improvement in a span of few months. With 4 PSLE subjects to be tested, it is unwise to stress your child too close to the exams. Our best advice is to start as early as you can so that she can learn and practise the formula at a comfortable pace.

At the very least, he/she should be sitting in for the Diagnostic Consultation to pick up a 'Formula-style' technique or two that can help him/her score more marks in the next exam. Sign up now to secure your slot for the Diagnostic Consultation with our Language Specialists.

In the Diagnostic Consultation, you will discover your child’s ‘problematic’ spots and what your child must do to impress the PSLE or Cambridge markers so as to be placed in a higher band.

You are highly encouraged to bring your child’s exam papers along to receive customised feedback from our Language Specialist.

On top of that, learn how the ‘Formula-Style’ method can improve your child’s English exam results by at least 2 grades.

Fill in the form below to book your Diagnostic Consultation appointment now.

(Please bring along your child's test paper to receive our teacher's feedback)

    (Please bring along your child's test paper to receive our teacher's feedback)

    EduEdge English Specialists are the Creator of the revolutionary Formula-Style’ method to help students learn English in a Step-By-Step and Systematic way, just like Math and Science.

    With more than 25 years combined teaching experience from both our Founders, Mr Edwin Edangelus Cheng and Ms Rowena May-Yue, your child is in good hands and supported by quality learning materials and unique teaching methods.

    English is finally a subject that is learnable, understandable and doable for your child!

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