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Here's what in store for you when we meet for the 1-Hour Diagnostic Assessment & Consultation:

15-Minute Personalised Analysis: Our GP Specialist will look at your recent class test and exam paper to find out what mistakes you are making.

(This step is important because if you do not know exactly which areas to focus on, you may be aimlessly working on the wrong things... resulting in precious time and effort being wasted.)

10-Minute "On-The-Spot" Assessment: We will let you attempt a diagnostic assessment specially created for the consultation to further pick out areas for improvement.

This enables us to delve deeper into the exact problem spots to help you address them with greater clarity!

(Do you understand the requirements of the question? Are you losing marks because of careless mistakes? Do you know how to get the correct answer with the right steps in your thinking?)

30-Minute "Real-Time" Feedback & Explanation: Based on the assessment result, we will "hand hold" and guide you step-by-step how to apply one or more of our tested and proven "formula-style" techniques.

(These unique techniques were developed based on our founder’s, Mr Edwin Edangelus Cheng, specialisation as a Subject Head (Curriculum Innovation) with MOE and his 15 years' of teaching experience. Since 2013, they have been successfully used by over 850 students (and counting!) to level up their GP results - with each making at least a 2-grade improvement - and some achieving astounding 6-grade jumps for their national exams).

PLUS: We will also share many more Easy-to-Apply Tips and Actionable Steps so that you have the KNOW-HOW to improve at least a 2-grade jump in your next GP exam!

  • How can I have more relevant content for the exams?
  • What are Cambridge Markers looking out for in my answers?
  • How can I master GP in the shortest period of time?

We'll give you the answers to all of these questions - and much more - during the Diagnostic Consultation.

Hear What Students Say

“I was especially bad in my Comprehension and Application Question. I found it very hard to pick out the correct clues and answers from the passage and I was constantly getting penalised for having inaccurate or incomplete answers.

EduEdge’s formulas helped me organise my thoughts and elaborate on the points where they were necessary, making my paragraphs more coherent.

Jasveena Gaya
Raffles Junior College
(From E To A)

“The difference between O-Level English and GP is like a totally new level – with GP requiring real life examples, etc.

EduEdge notes are very useful. They contain a lot of strategies like my favourite SPEAR, which helped me with my logical flow.

Rui Han
Hwa Chong Institution (College)
(From D To A)

“I didn’t know how to brainstorm relevant points to the essay question. I also had trouble with my structuring because my explanations often lacked insight and I was often penalised for it.

After Eduedge taught me their formulas, I was able to brainstorm different points from different schools of thought and from different perspectives.

I was also able to add structure to my paragraphs and this helped me to word my explanations properly, which added insight and also directly answered the question.

Megan Tam
Raffles Junior College
(From D To A)

Meet The EduEdge Team

What sets the EduEdge Language Specialist apart from all other teachers or tutors?

Only applicants who have cleared all 3 rounds of the interview will be hired.

All applicants are carefully selected and stringently screened.

The newly hired teachers will then go through 6 to 12 months worth of specialised training from our Founder, Mr Edwin Edangelus Cheng.

During this period, they will need to clear 3 learning exams and clock a minimum of 1,000 training hours on our unique formulaic style of teaching before they may be certified to teach.

Due to the rigour of our training process, on average, 3 out of 5 trainees will drop out before they even complete the programme.

This is our promise and commitment to students and parents to ensure that only Language Specialists, who are exceedingly good in what they do, are allowed to coach our students.

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