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Our Team will contact you within the next 3 working days to schedule the English Mastery Diagnostic Consult & Assessment session for you and your child if your application is approved.

Do drop us a WhatsApp message if you've not heard from us:

Before our meeting, here are some critical next steps you need to take note of:


STEP #1: Watch This Video Before We Meet

STEP #2: Preparing For The Consultation!

Firstly -We've received your application and are reviewing it now. You should hear from our Team within the next 3 working days to schedule the Diagnostic Consult & Assessment (DCA) session for you and your child.

Secondly - Make sure you've set aside time to watch the videos below for a much better understanding of what to expect.

Thirdly - Help us maximise the effectiveness of the DCA session for your child by bringing along their most recent English test / exam papers. Our Language Specialists will be doing an in-depth analysis so that you will know exactly which areas your child need to focus on for improvement.

Lastly - Don’t be anxious! 😊 Our Language Specialists are friendly and approachable and they strive to make the DCA session engaging for your child because we believe that learning is most effective when it's fun and relevant.

STEP #3: Watch These Videos Before Our Consultation

EduEdge's Revolutionary Blended Learning Model - Combining The Best Teaching Methods 🏆

The <Formula-Style> Method Trusted by More Than 3,500 Students 👍

Essay hacks for PSLE Creative Writing ✒️

The Secret That Sets Our Language Specialists Apart From Others 🤫

How To Help My Child Develop Quality Ideas for Writing? ✨

Secret Tips to Help Your Child Ace Their Oral Exams 🤫

EduEdge's Revolutionary Blended Learning Model - Combining The Best Teaching Methods 🏆

The Secret That Sets Our Language Specialists Apart From Others 🤫

1.) The Formula-Style Method Trusted By Over 2,000 Students 👍

2.) Sneak Preview Of How The 3S Technique Can Help You! ✨

3.) Quickest Way To Improve English Paper 1 Writing Scores 💯

4.) Here's How To Achieve Top Band for Reading Aloud (Oral) 😃


STEP #4: Get Special Post-Consult Bonus (Worth $276) For FREE!

Exclusive for those who book their appointments with us now!

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12-Page Guided Writing Revision Kit (Worth $138)

- Our Specialists have prepared a comprehensive 12-Page Guided Writing Revision Kit for your child.

Section 1:

  • Compo Question Analysis that helps your child analyse their compo question, and craft a composition that will help them consistently score A’s for their compo section

Section 2:

  • A detailed breakdown of a Model Essay that your child can study and score 5 to 10 marks more for their next Compo!

Full E-Lesson Video on Compre Cloze (PRI) / Discursive Essay Writing (SEC) (Worth $138)

  • We’ve prepared a full 21-minute E-Lesson on Compre Cloze/Essay Writing that your child can watch at home to ace their Comprehension / Composition section.
  • This lesson includes the same techniques and strategies we teach our students, and your child will get access to these, fully sponsored!

Here's What You and Your Child Can Expect During the 60-minute DCA Session:

STEP 1 [30 minutes]: 

Receive an in-depth, detailed analysis of your child’s latest English school test or exam papers.


Have your child sit for our Diagnostic Test which is specially designed to assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses with pinpoint accuracy.

(This step is important to know why your child is losing marks and what are the problems / challenges they are facing. 

This helps your child avoid repeating the same mistakes.)

STEP 2 [15 minutes]:

Our Language Specialist will recommend a comprehensive road map for your child to help them improve by 1-3 grades in 12 months or less.

(This step is crucial so your child knows exactly how to overcome the problems / challenges they are facing.

Precise, actionable steps will be given to guide your child closely, and NOT just some “feel good” but unhelpful advice like “read more” or “write more”.)

STEP 3 [15 minutes]:

Discover how your child can apply our unique method and secret strategies to study English in an easier and more effective way.

(These are the same techniques that have helped 2500+ Primary, Secondary & Junior College students achieve their Bs and As.)

PLUS: We will also share many more Easy-to-Apply Tips and Actionable Steps so that your child will have the KNOW-HOW to improve in time for their next English exam!

  • How has the English Language syllabus changed? What does this mean for my child?
  • What are PSLE / Cambridge Markers looking out for in my child's answers?
  • How can I help my child master English in the shortest period of time?

We'll give you the answers to all of these questions - and much more - during the DCA session!

Hear What Students and Parents Say!

"She came back with very positive feedback that she likes the class, she likes the teachers. They were so concise in their teaching. She really has a very good grasp; she's taking a lot of notes, which she didn't at other education centres. The teachers are very thorough in their teaching; that means they don't just cover only one area of paper 2 but in fact the whole syllabus is very well-covered."

Mum Cindy & Beth Ann (Improved from C to A for PSLE English)

"The best thing was that he came back after every lesson happy and excited, telling me all the formulas that he learnt. He actually showed me his results, his assignments, and how his grades have improved - especially in comprehension. He did well for his O-Levels and he is now in the JC of his choice. I am every glad that he was with EduEdge and I would highly recommend EduEdge for any student who has problems in English and who want to do well for English."

Mum Hwee Hiang & Yan Xiu (Improved from F9 to A2 for O-Level English)

"During his O-level year, I could see that he was struggling with English with C5s and C6s. I'm glad that my wife mentioned to me about EduEdge so we sent him for the pre-class assessment (DCA). I guess we made the right decision at the right time because he only had a few months before his actual exam and so I'm glad that with guidance from Eduedge, he managed to get good results."

Dad Mr Lee & Royston (Improved from C5 to A2 for O-Level English)


What sets the EduEdge Language Specialist apart from all other teachers or tutors?

Only applicants who have cleared all 3 rounds of the interview will be hired.

All applicants are carefully selected, stringently screened and rigorously trained.

The newly hired teachers will then go through an intensive 6-month training from our Founder & Principal, Mr Edwin Edangelus Cheng.

During this period, they will need to clear 3 learning exams and clock a minimum of 1,000 training hours on our unique formulaic style of teaching before they may be certified to teach.

Due to the rigour of our training process, on average, 3 out of 5 trainees will drop out before they even complete the programme.

This is our promise and commitment to students and parents to ensure that only Language Specialists, who are exceedingly good in what they do, are allowed to coach our students.

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